EQ.500 classic connect

EQ.500 classic connect
Automated. Beans + ground.
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- Coffee variety at the touch of a button: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato. Fast and convenient.
- aromaDouble Shot: Extra strong coffee with reduced bitter content thanks to two grinding and brewing processes
- Internal water filter Brita water filter: Improves the coffee taste and increases the life of the machine

- coffeeSelect Display: By lightly touching the sensor fields, coffee and milk specialities can be directly selected and prepared
- Coffee spout adjustable yearly: even tall latte macchiato glasses fit underneath without any problems
- Cappuccino: dispensing two cups simultaneously for all coffee and milk specialities
- Water tank removable for easy filling (1.7 l volume)
- Flexible milk solution: Decide for yourself whether you connect the milk container or use another container, e.g. a milk carton

- High-quality ceramic grinding mechanism ceramDrive
- One-touch coffee-milk specialities with particularly fine-pored milk foam thanks to innovative milk nozzle
- Separate supply of milk foam, warm milk and hot water possible
- Minimization of the heating time: Fastest first cup
- Water pump with 15 bar pressure
- Separate feed chute for ground coffee

Home Connect
- Discover the new way to control household appliances: with one app.
With the Home Connect app, you can access your device from anywhere
access - at home via WLAN, on the road via mobile phone network
- coffeePlaylist: Enter several drink requests at once in the app, e.g. for a visit; the machine then processes them in sequence
- Cleaning program: The Home connect app reminds you during a cleaning program when action is required on the device. This leaves you time for other things.
- coffeeWorld: additional international coffee specialities are available in the app - from American Red Eye to Wiener Melange and Portuguese Garoto
- Coffee recipes: The app offers a variety of coffee recipes that can be transferred directly to the machine or a Home Connect capable oven - from espresso crème brûlée to saddle of venison with coffee crunches
- Coffee know-how: The app contains interesting knowledge about coffee, e.g. bean varieties, harvesting methods or roasting processes
- User manual: A digital user manual is always available in the app
- Customer service: In case of technical problems the Siemens customer service can access the device virtually - if you wish

- The easily accessible service door on the front of the device guarantees maintenance and quick cleaning
- Removable brewing unit: Simple and hygienic cleaning under running water
- Automatic rinse program when switching off, switching on
- Steam shock: Fully automatic steam cleaning of the milk system after each beverage purchase
- Milk nozzle can be removed and divided for easy cleaning under running water or in the dishwasher
- Removable drip tray with coffee grounds container
- calc'nClean: Automatic cleaning and descaling program
- Reminds in time of water filter change, descaling, cleaning

- Key illumination,
- Active cup preheating can be switched on/off
- Bean container with aroma protection lid (270g volume)
- Adjustable grinding degree (multistage)
- Display language programmable
- Child lock: unintentional brewing operation not possible
- Connected load 1500 Watt max.



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